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        Jun. 03, 2024

        EziSurg Medical's Single-use Digital Cystoscope and Image Processor Approved for Sale in China!

        Recently, EziSurg Medical's single-use digital cystoscope, along with the medical endoscope image processor (ESP20), officially received the medical device registration certificate from the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration. This marks another significant breakthrough in EziSurg Medical's endoscopy platform within the urology field.

        EziSurg Medical's single-use digital cystoscope and medical endoscope image processor (ESP20)

        Single-use Digital Cystoscope

        As the first cystoscope product approved for sale by EziSurg Medical, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the company's medical endoscope image processors (ESP20, ESP30). This setup provides video-monitored imaging for examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the urethra, bladder, and percutaneous renal pelvis, and cannot be used with high-frequency surgical accessories.

        The product boasts the following five main advantages:

        1. Lightweight handle design allows for both horizontal and vertical grips, accommodating different surgeons' preferences.

        2. Superior imaging quality with 100W-grade high-definition pixels, 2-100mm ultra-large depth of field, and a 120° field of view, meeting the need for high-definition intraoperative visibility and enhancing diagnostic efficiency.

        3. Wedge-shaped, gentle tip design ensures smoother insertion and more efficient examination.

        4. The catheter's tip can bend 210° up/down, allowing doctors to observe from multiple angles without blind spots, reducing the risk of missed diagnoses.

        5. The catheter's insertion section is soft and thin, with an outer diameter of 15Fr (φ5mm), increasing patient comfort during examination.

        Medical Endoscope Image Processor (ESP20)

        The newly approved medical endoscope image processor connects with flexible electronic endoscopes during endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, capturing, processing, storing, and transmitting images of the visual field area observed within body cavities to a monitor. Compared to the company's ESP10 model, the ESP20 features more advanced image processing capabilities, including five-level LED brightness adjustment, tissue structure enhancement, and dark compensation functions. These enhancements help doctors observe localized details in the diagnostic area more clearly and manage the surgical process in real time.

        The approval and market launch of the single-use digital cystoscope and the medical endoscope image processor (ESP20) in China will further advance EziSurg Medical's endoscopy platform. In the high-end medical device field, EziSurg Medical remains committed to promoting technological innovations with clinical and health economic value, providing high-quality products and solutions for doctors and patients worldwide.

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        399 Miaoqiao Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

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